Batch 30: Robust Porter
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By Volume
Primary Secondary Keg
1.052 1.012 5.2 % 66 % 16 days 0 days 14 days


rewed on Saturday, January 28th, 2006
A yeast starter was made on Monday, January 16, 2005 for the Wyeast Scottish Ale yeast with 550 mL of water, 3 oz of Light LME, and 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient. The starter was put in the fridge after a week when brewing was postponed to the next weekend. The sparge went fine and the heat exchanger and wort wizard worked well, although there was about 2 quarts of liquid left in the kettle with hops and break material. The ambient temperature for fermentation is 62 in the closet with the help of a 60 watt light bulb to keep it warm. After adding the extract before the boil I reserved 1 quarts of wort and added it at 30 minutes into the boil. I'm planning on not doing a secondary for this beer and racking it straight to the keg.

Partial Mash
5.00 gal Batch Size
3.53 gal Boil Size


Amount Item Price
3.00 lb Light Liquid Malt Extract (8 L) $4.50
4.00 lb Briess 2-row Pale Malt (2 L) $3.80
0.75 lb Briess Caramel Malt (60 L) $0.86
0.75 lb Briess Chocolate Malt (375 L) $1.01
0.75 lb Briess Flaked Barley (2 L) $0.94
0.50 lb Dingemans Biscuit Malt (19 L) $0.88
0.50 lb Dingemans Special B Malt (100 L) $0.78
0.80 oz Centennial Hops (8.50 %) at 60 min $0.72
1.00 oz Williamette Hops (3.40 %) at 60 min $0.90
1.00 tsp Irish Moss at 30.0 min $0.10
1 pkgs Wyeast Labs Scottish Ale (1728) $5.75


Time Step
3:00 PM Sanitized equipment
  Heated 2.25 gal strike water to 172 F, preheated mash tun
4:05 PM Doughed in at 167 F, mashed at 152 F for 60 min, 151 F for 30 min, 150 F for 0 min
  Heated 2.25 gal sparge water to 185 F, preheated hot liquor tank
5:10 PM Lautered 3.5 gal of wort, 1.033 @ 133 F = 1.047 SG, 66% Mash Efficiency
6:10 PM Boiled, added hops on schedule
7:15 PM Whirlpooled for 15 min, cooled to 62 F
  Fermented for ? days, 1.052 @ 63 F = 1.052 OG (Estimate: 1.054 OG)
8:00 PM Cleaned equipment


acked to Secondary on Monday, February 13th, 2006
Secondary fermentation was skipped and the Robust Porter went straight into the keg.


egged on Monday, February 13th, 2006
After a little over two weeks in the primary fermenter the Robust Porter was racked into a 5-gallon keg. This is the first time I've skipped secondary and gone straight to the keg. We'll se how it works out.

1.012 @ 60 F = 1.012 FG
5.2% ABV


asted on Monday, February 27th, 2006
This beer has a really great taste, not too heavy and hints of maple syrup and roasted coffee. I don't think skipping the secondary had any adverse effects and may become standard procedure for beers that don't need dry hopping or clearing.