Batch 44: Sister Star of the Sun
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By Volume
Primary Secondary Keg
1.062 1.014 6.3 % 73 % 35 days 0 days 21 days


rewed on Saturday, January 19th, 2008
A yeast starter was made on Monday, January 14, 2008 for the Wyeast London Ale yeast with 550 mL of water, 3 oz of Light DME, and 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient. I used the motorized mill to double crush the grains to help improve my efficiency. This was a fun brew day with a couple other home brewers stopping by to hang out and brew in the basement. All whole hops are being used from Freshops and they soaked up quite a bit of wort. The flame out hops I allowed to aroma hop steep for 10 min. before starting the chiller. The plate chilled clogged toward the very end and I lost maybe a quart to the kettle. The ambient temperature for fermentation is 60 F in the basement so no further control is necessary.

All Grain
5.00 gal Batch Size
6.41 gal Boil Size


Amount Item Price
13.00 lb Muntons Maris Otter (3 L) $20.15
0.25 lb Briess Crystal Malt - 120L (120 L) $0.46
0.25 lb Briess Wheat Malt (2 L) $0.36
3.00 oz Chinook Hops (14.30 %) at 60 min $5.10
2.00 oz Goldings, East Kent Hops (5.20 %) at 15 min $3.20
2.00 oz Fuggles Hops (6.00 %) at 0 min $3.20
1.00 tsp Irish Moss at 30.0 min $0.10
1 pkgs Wyeast Labs London Ale (1028) $5.99


Time Step
1:30 PM Sanitized equipment
2:00 PM Heated 4.50 gal strike water to 195 F, preheated mash tun
2:30 PM Doughed in at 166 F, mashed at 152 F for 60 min, 151 F for 30 min, 150 F for 0 min
  Heated 4.00 gal sparge water to 195 F
3.30 PM Lautered 7 gal of wort, 1.040 @ 130 F = 1.053 SG, 73% Mash Efficiency
4:20 PM Boiled, added hops on schedule
5:30 PM Heat exchanger and wort wizard, cooled to 63 F
5:45 PM Pitched yeast, 1.062 @ 63 F = 1.062 OG (Estimate: 1.066 OG)
6:00 PM Cleaned equipment


acked to Secondary on Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
Secondary fermentation was skipped and the Sister Star of the Sun went straight into the keg.


egged on Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
After a long primary of 5 weeks the Sister Star of the Sun was racked into a 5-gallon keg. The keg is not yet refridgerated but sitting under 30 PSI at 60F. It may drop a couple more points and hopefully there won't be too much sediment in the keg. The sample tasted pretty green so I'll try and condidion this one a little longer.

1.014 @ 63 F = 1.014 FG
6.3% ABV


asted on Saturday, March 15th, 2008
After one week in the keg at 60 F it went into the fridge at 40 F to carbonate with 12 PSI of CO2. This batch of Sister Star of the Sun appears as a very light straw color with good head retention. The whole hops used in this recipe really make for a nice earthy aroma and flavor. The hop bitterness is a little strong but balanced by a nice light malt sweetness. This beer is not a typical IPA but more like an imperial brittish ale. This is my second attempt at this recipe and I think this batch turned out much better with more flavor overall.