Name Description
How To Brew The definitive online book by John Palmer on making quality beers at home. The best online resource for starting out in my opinion.
rec.crafts.brewing Usenet newsgroup for discussing home brewing.
The Home Brew Digest Providing educational material and inter-communications to the world's home brewing community.
The Brewery's Brews & Views Home Brew Digest Forum.
TastyBrew is an online homebrewing resource and recipe database, complete with recipes, forums, brewing calculators, user journals, and more!
Brewthology Online Beer Recipe Anthology - Open source web based brewing recipe database with integrated calculator and BeerXML support.
Homebrew Adventures Helping you make better beer and wine since 1996. They are an ingredients supplier in Charlotte, NC - ships to me in one day.
Brewboard Talking globally, brewing locally. (lo-fi version)
Northern Brewer Homebrew Forum Advice for beer and wine makers.
Bodensatz Brewing Offers user-submitted recipes, discussion forums, beer news, brewing guides, reviews of equipment and books, and photo albums.
Skotrats Homebrew Bulletin Board Brewrats forum for home brewing.
Brewhalla Homebrewers Heaven, where walhalla is said to be the mythical heaven for ancient viking warriors, brewhalla is its modern equivalent for homebrewers.
Vintage Cellar My local store for beer and wine in southwest Virginia.
Eats Natural Foods Co-op My local store for homebrew supplies in southwest Virginia. They are a membership co-operative and in addition to food, they carry brewing equipment, bulk grains, hops, and yeast.
New River Valley Brewer's Guild The NRV Brewer’s Guild is a laid-back group of homebrewers and beer lovers located in Virginia’s beautiful New River Valley.
BeerSmith Brewing software that was used for all the recipes and calculations on this web site.
Beer Judge Certification Program A non-profit organization to encourage the educational advancement of people interested in the evaluation of beer and related brewed products.
Wizard of Draws Cartoons with a Touch of Magic by Jeff Bucchino
New River Brewing Company When you can't drink homebrew, New River Pale Ale is the next best thing.
Blacksburg Brewing Company Blacksburg Brewing Co. has closed temporarily. BBC will reopen as a brewpub in Blacksburg. Progress of reopening will be posted on their website.
The Barley Pub Craft Beers and Live Music in Dover, NH. No affiliation here, just found their website and hope to visit some day.
The Science of Fermentation The Science of Fermentation: How Wine, Beer, and Alcohol are Made