Batch 27: Honey Wheat
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By Volume
Primary Secondary Keg
1.058 1.004 7.0 % 63 % 21 days 6 days 14 days


rewed on Sunday, November 20th, 2005
A yeast starter was made on Wednesday, November 16, 2005 for the White Labs California Ale yeast with 550 mL of water, 3 oz of Light LME, and 1/2 tsp yeast nutrient. I used my new Shirron heat exchanger along with the wort wizard for the second time this brew session. Instead of the hose braid to filter hops from the kettle I used a stainless steel scrubber attached to the end of the racking cane. It was much quicker to pump the wort out and did not get clogged but left almost 2 quarts in the kettle. I think this is because I cut it too short for the kettle and need to replace it. The ambient temperature for fermentation is 55-60, which is in the low range so I will need more time in the primary for completion. I used a new 7.8 gallon plastic primary fermenter for this batch. The orange blossom honey was added during the last 15 minutes of the boil and I increased the length of the boil for 5 minutes.

Partial Mash
5.00 gal Batch Size
3.53 gal Boil Size


Amount Item Price
2.00 lb Orange Blossom Honey (1 L) $4.90
2.00 lb Light Liquid Malt Extract (8 L) $3.00
4.00 lb Weyermann Wheat Malt (2 L) $3.96
3.00 lb Muntons 2-Row Pale Malt (2 L) $2.97
0.50 lb Briess Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2 L) $0.57
0.50 lb Briess Caramel Malt (60 L) $0.57
1.30 oz Hallertauer Hops (3.80 %) at 40 min $1.50
1.30 oz Tettnang Hops (2.70 %) at 20 min $1.42
1.30 oz Hallertauer Hops (3.80 %) at 10 min $1.50
1.00 tsp Irish Moss at 30.0 min $0.10
1 pkgs White Labs California Ale (WLP001) $4.95


Time Step
6:00 PM Sanitized equipment
  Heated 2.25 gal strike water to 176 F, preheated mash tun
6:45 PM Doughed in at 168 F, mashed at 153 F for 60 min, 151 F for 30 min, 150 F for 0 min
  Heated 2.25 gal sparge water to 185 F, preheated hot liquor tank
7:45 PM Lautered 3.5 gal of wort, 1.042 @ 113 F = 1.051 SG, 63% Mash Efficiency
8:35 PM Boiled, added hops on schedule
9:40 PM Whirlpooled for 15 min, cooled to 62 F
  Fermented for ? days, 1.058 @ 62 F = 1.058 OG (Estimate: 1.062 OG)
10:20 PM Cleaned equipment


acked to Secondary on Sunday, December 11th, 2005
After three weeks in the primary fermenter the Honey Wheat was racked to secondary. Primary fermentation temperature was 60-62 F. A gravity reading was taken at this point and it's really low, I think because of the honey. The sample tasted a lot like honey which I was surprised about because everyone says the honey flavor ferments out. I think the hops really bring out the honey flavor in this beer.

1.004 @ 63 F = 1.004 FG


egged on Saturday, December 17th, 2005
After one week in the secondary fermenter at 60 F the Honey Wheat was racked into a 5-gallon keg. It went into the kegerator to start carbonating at 11 PSI at 40 F. I think this is the lightest color beer I've ever made and inital tasting were great, lots of honey flavor. Should be ready just in time for New Years Eve.

1.004 @ 60 F = 1.004 FG
7.0% ABV


asted on Saturday, December 31st, 2005
After two weeks carbonating and conditioning this beer is ready for new year's eve. The honey character really comes through in this beer and I'm unsure if it's really from the honey addition or the flavor of the hops. The final gravity is fairly low but taste is still slightly sweet and very much like honey. A fairly strong beer but almost unnoticable with a clean taste and smooth finish. This one is a hit with friends at the new year's eve pre-party.