Batch 39: Christmas Tree Ale
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By Volume
Primary Secondary Keg
1.061 1.006 7.2 % 60 % 56 days 17 days 13 days


rewed on Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
The yeast cake from the previous batch of US-56 dry yeast is being used. It was a great weather for a brew day and all went well. I used a double crush with the new motorized mill for the first time and I don't think it helped improve my efficiency. Pellet hops were used each in their own muslin bag and the aroma hops at flame out were whole. The ambient temperature for fermentation is 60 F in the basement and a bucket of water was used to buffer temperature swings. Fermentation started very quickly from the yeast cake and a blowoff tube was used because krausen was nearing the carboy neck. The primary fermeter is a 6.5 gallon glass carboy, and I'll wait a couple weeks before dry hopping in the secondary.

All Grain
5.00 gal Batch Size
6.41 gal Boil Size


Amount Item Price
14.00 lb Briess Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2 L) $17.50
1.00 lb Briess Crystal Malt - 60L (60 L) $1.55
1.00 oz Chinook Hops (12.00 %) at 60 min $1.09
0.25 oz Chinook Hops (12.00 %) at 30 min $0.27
0.50 oz Cascade Hops (5.50 %) at 7 days (Dry Hop) $0.60
0.50 oz Centennial Hops (10.00 %) at 7 days (Dry Hop) $0.58
1.00 oz Cascade Hops (6.90 %) at 0 min $1.65
1.00 tsp Irish Moss at 30.0 min $0.10
1 pkgs Fermentis Safale US-56 (US-56) $0.00


Time Step
1:00 PM Sanitized equipment
1:30 PM Heated 5 gal strike water to 185 F, preheated mash tun
2.20 PM Doughed in at 166 F, mashed at 152 F for 60 min, 151 F for 30 min, 151 F for 0 min
  Heated 3.45 gal sparge water to 185 F
3.20 PM Lautered 7.5 gal of wort, 1.034 @ 112 F = 1.043 SG, 60% Mash Efficiency
4:40 PM Boiled, added hops on schedule
5:55 PM Heat exchanger and wort wizard, cooled to 70 F
6:00 PM Reuse yeast cake, 1.060 @ 72 F = 1.061 OG (Estimate: 1.071 OG)
6:30 PM Cleaned equipment


acked to Secondary on Sunday, June 17th, 2007
After a long primary of 8 weeks the Pacific Pale Ale was racked and dry hopped in the secondary. The fermenter was transported to a new basement apartment for conditioning and serving. Primary fermentation temperature was 60 F.


egged on Wednesday, July 4th, 2007
After two weeks dry hopping in the secondary fermenter the Christmas Tree Ale was racked into a 5-gallon keg. The keg is going straight into the kegerator at 40 F to carbonate at 12 PSI. The dry hops had not quite settled out in the fermenter and I got a more than usual amount of dry hops in the keg. Hopefully it won't be a problem and they'll just settle out in the keg and not clog the serving line.

1.005 @ 70 F = 1.006 FG
7.2% ABV


asted on Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
This batch of Christmas Tree Ale only lasted one night as it was served at a celebration party for my partner. She loves hoppy beers and this one just happend to be ready in time for her party. Everyone loved the taste of homebrew and it lasted just about the whole evening. The color was amber and clear and the aroma was strong from the dry hopping. It tasted balanced with a nice alcohol flavor melded nicely with citrusy hop flavor. I couldn't get a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale to do a side by side tasting, guess I'll have to brew it again soon.