ll Grain Brewing Video
Watch how to homebrew with all grains as we make a Pacific Pale Ale for Batch 38. Special thanks to Will Sevy for his Holy Moly Homebrew song as the background music. If you cannot view the embeded video below use the following download link.
Download the All Grain Brewing Video (17.2 MB)  




New Brew


n Tap
Batch Name Type Date Original Gravity Final Gravity Alcohol By Volume
52 Christmas Tree Ale All Grain 10/13/09 1.064 1.013 6.7 %
53 Christmas Tree Ale All Grain 10/13/09 1.062 1.014 6.3 %


Batch Name Type Primary Secondary Conditioning


ext Brews
Batch Name Type Date Notes
54 Christmas Tree Ale All Grain 10/24/09 Adapted from Dean Larson's famous Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale Clone recipe.
55 Rochefort 8 Clone All Grain 12/1/09 Adapted from Herman Holtrop's Rochefort 8 clone recipe from a Dutch homebrew club contest (HBD #4181).